Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stumbling block

I was in Jamaica last week for my cousin's wedding, read Shannon Sez So for information on that event, and I did "okay" on my calorie consumption. The food wasn't the problem, it was the rum punch, Bob Marleys and Blue Moons that caused the hiccup (literally & figuratively).

All-inclusive resorts are similar to cruises, food and beverages flowing close to 24/7. I did pretty well on the food side. I ate my Cinch meal replacement bars for breakfast, had healthy lunches and dinners, paying attention to eat vegetables foods full of color and lean meat or seafood. The sun was beaming its warmth on the beach, the tropical breezes were blowing and the drinks were just so darn pretty and tasty. However, I did drink A LOT of water because I've learned the hard way that alcohol, sun and sugar (punch, grenadine, etc.) don't make for a fun vacation.

I did find a new way to enjoy my workouts, the Cupid Shuffle. It's a line dance, similar to the Electric Slide, only to a much better beat, better moves and all-n-all, more fun to do. While I seem to be coming into the knowledge of the CS after everyone else, no worries mon. I have it now and I'm gonna shuffle my way to a healthy me.

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