Thursday, April 1, 2010

strong ALL the time

It's tough being strong ALL the time. I want some down time. I want to let down my guard, relax and let someone else do it, handle it, settle it and take care of it.

Is marriage the answer...not necessarily. I know plenty of people in jacked relationships. Not only is one person bringing home the bacon and frying it, s/he is also milking the cow, gathering eggs and tending the vegetable garden. No thank you!

I can (and am) already do all of that without the baggage of someone sucking more life outta me.

I want someone else to take care of stuff for me, if only temporarily.

I want someone else to keep the train on schedule, if only from here to Union Station.

And, I want someone else to make my damn dinner for a change, if only spaghetti.

Yeah, I'm's my blog.