Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm #thankfulfor my health

I'm #thankfulfor my health. I have all of my extremities, the use of all five senses. I can walk, talk, eat, think, dance, etc. without assistance. I treat my body right, I don't smoke, do drugs or participate in dangerous activities [don't judge me ;-)].

But I can be better, much better. I can cut back some of the alcohol, drink more water, get more regular exercise. The question is why don't I? The answer is simple, until I'm sick & tired of being overweight, I won't make a change. I do know that I'm getting closer to that point everyday.

I am disappointed in myself for not looking better physically. Don't get me wrong, I don't look bad, but I know I can look better. I've looked better; I lost 60 lbs in 1990 and kept if off for 7 years. I looked amazing! What is the line from Austin Powers, "men wanted me and women wanted to be me," LOLLLLL! It was a lot of work to look amazing, and I damn sure don't want to work that hard. I could go for looking great, which is better than where I am, but not as stressful as amazing.

Yeah, I want to look great...I'm having an epiphany.

Gotta run, stay tuned...I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm #thankfulfor my extended family

As an only child, it has always been Daddy, Mother and me. It has been the three of us for as long as I can remember, meaning we were each other's worlds, but I've never felt as though I was from a small family. For as much as my earliest memories are of my parents, they also include several members of my extended family.

I'm #thankfulfor my grandparents (now deceased), aunts, uncles and cousins, they love me as daughter and sister.

Honor Roll of Family
Lucy, George, Reava, Pauline, Ellsworth, Louise, Brewster, Melvin, Ollie, Clarence, Rubin, Dot, Jackie, Joe, Sean, David, Rod and Tony.

Thank you!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's November and you know what that means

It is November 1st, 2009, seven days until my 3rd-39th birthday.

As in years past, I use this season to reflect on the previous twelve months and look forward to the next twelve months. I consider my emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being.
  • Have I progressed or digressed in any of these areas?
  • Have I met last year's short-term goals and made perceptible progress on my long-term goals? Are the long-term goals still applicable/valuable?
  • Have I been a good person this year, helped others, supported my chosen nonprofits, given to my church, etc.?
  • Have I picked up any new habits, if so, are they "good" or "bad?"
  • What are my goals for next year? What are the milestones on the way to the finish line?
  • Are there new things I can learn? What can I learn to do better?
  • Have I spoken life, love, joy and peace this year?
  • Have I been a friend? Have I forgiven those who trespassed against me?
  • Have those in my life brought positivity, energy, laughter, etc.?
  • Have I been the best Shannon I know I can be?
  • Did I give my life 100%?
You get the idea.

At first glance, this 40th year seems to have been pretty good; however, there is always need for reflection and definitely room for improvement: going further, doing better, digging deeper, reaching higher and going above & beyond.

I invite you, my family, friends, tweeps, followers, connections, readers, fans and haters ;-) to join me on my journey this month. I'm beginning by being thankful and grateful:

"First and foremost, I'm #thankfulfor my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, who gave his life that I am saved."