Monday, March 31, 2008

Blog Relaunch - Name Change

You may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog. As I mentioned when I started this site, it's about finding my authentic self, and while my weight is a big part, it is only a PART of the journey. So, to be true to the journey and to myself, I had to change the title. I would have taken this one down and started a new blog, but I didn't feel like it. This is a perfectly good site and I like what I've done with it so far, just needed to update the name.

I come to a couple of realizations about the journey, I thought it started when I started the blog, actually it began when I was born. I know, deep; I can't stand folks who are deep all the darn time, so I'll try not to be one of them. Further, I will speak in the 1st person. It would be easy to speak in the plural and generalize, but that isn't authentic. There isn't a "we" or "us," there is only a "me." Also, I won't be speaking of myself in the 3rd person. Why do people do that? It is finger nails on chalkboard annoying. Finally, I will always tell you the truth, not because I want to, it is always easier to fudge, skip, delete or "forget" details; however, you deserve the truth. As someone on this journey with me, taking the ride, seeing the sights and buying souvenirs, you deserve the unadulterated truth at all times. Now, that being said, I may change names to protect the innocent, the guilty and to avoid being sued, but the facts will be true blue.

Thus, the real journey to myself is taking place every second of minute of every day and it's gonna be a hoot. I'm on my way world, look out!

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