Saturday, March 21, 2009

Waiting for me

I travel a lot for my job. I'm constantly getting on & off airplanes, which I don't mind; I enjoy flying, traveling and meeting new people. The annoying part is when I land at my home airport, I have a routine:

1. head to baggage claim
2. use lavatory in baggage claim area, not as much traffic as terminals
3. wait for luggage
4. get luggage and proceed to parking shuttle
5. flag down appropriate shuttle and board
6. arrive at parking lot and get dropped off at car
7. drive home

It is steps 3 and 7 that cause me some hesitation...expressing my angst in twitter-ese.

1. No one is there to meet me at the airport and no one is there to meet me at home....#suckit
2. Empty house after long business trip...#Fail

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