Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting to Happiness

At the SXSW keynote address, CEO, Tony (@zappos) suggested we do this, that and the other thing to get to the end result of happiness, thus why not cut out the middle steps and get to being happy (serious paraphrasing on my part)...makes a lot of sense.

So, what makes me happy, truly happy?
Is that the goal for my life, to be happy?
Do I want to be in a perpetual state of happiness?
Is my purpose in the universe to be happy or to even pursue happiness?
Do I know what happy is?
Will I be able to recognize it?
When I have been happy?
Who have I been happy with?
In a relationship, a man and woman will say to each other, "you make me so happy." Is that possible? Doesn't that then mean they can make the other unhappy? Do I want to give someone the power to make me happy or unhappy?
Is happiness a form of contentment and satisfaction or vice versa?

Too many questions and I don't have answers...yet.

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