Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Living...in spite of Life

I tweeted this earlier today, "I'm sick of people using life as an excuse not to live."

Life is going to happen: jobs will be trying, children will be selfish and family will want attention. As long as we live, life is going to get in the way of our living. We do the right things: we go to school, eat our vegetables, pay our taxes, teach our children to say "please" and "thank you," and life still throws us curve balls, sliders and change-ups. So what do we do?

We keep living...we don't let life get in our way. We can't let life keep us down, stress us out, break our spirits or consume our thoughts. Life is no excuse for not living to our fullest potential. So often I hear people putting their lives on hold because of life, and I'm not saying there aren't times when life demands our attention, such as with an illness, death, job loss, etc. I am saying that we must do everything in our power to not let life control, manipulate and take over our lives.

Life will go on with or without us, so why not live?

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