Monday, December 21, 2009

he ADORES he says

He told me, "I adore you."

According to, to adore means "to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor; to like or admire very much."

This is wonderful. To have someone feel this way about me is amazing and to have someone actually say the words to me is humbling...if only I believed him.*

He says he adores me, but only calls about once a week.
He says he adores me, but hasn't taken me out since my birthday in November.
He says he adores me, but hasn't spent any time with me in over 6 weeks.
He says he adores me, but rarely accepts invitations to do things with me.
He says he adores me, but has canceled dates at the last minute or stood me up altogether.

He says one thing, but does other things that are completely contradictory. If this is how he adores me, I liked it better when he only kinda liked me.

You don't have to pee on my head and tell me its raining. I get the message loud and clear; he's just not that into me.

*Cleaning house for 2010.

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