Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's November and you know what that means

It is November 1st, 2009, seven days until my 3rd-39th birthday.

As in years past, I use this season to reflect on the previous twelve months and look forward to the next twelve months. I consider my emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being.
  • Have I progressed or digressed in any of these areas?
  • Have I met last year's short-term goals and made perceptible progress on my long-term goals? Are the long-term goals still applicable/valuable?
  • Have I been a good person this year, helped others, supported my chosen nonprofits, given to my church, etc.?
  • Have I picked up any new habits, if so, are they "good" or "bad?"
  • What are my goals for next year? What are the milestones on the way to the finish line?
  • Are there new things I can learn? What can I learn to do better?
  • Have I spoken life, love, joy and peace this year?
  • Have I been a friend? Have I forgiven those who trespassed against me?
  • Have those in my life brought positivity, energy, laughter, etc.?
  • Have I been the best Shannon I know I can be?
  • Did I give my life 100%?
You get the idea.

At first glance, this 40th year seems to have been pretty good; however, there is always need for reflection and definitely room for improvement: going further, doing better, digging deeper, reaching higher and going above & beyond.

I invite you, my family, friends, tweeps, followers, connections, readers, fans and haters ;-) to join me on my journey this month. I'm beginning by being thankful and grateful:

"First and foremost, I'm #thankfulfor my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, who gave his life that I am saved."

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