Monday, June 1, 2009

My statement of Freedom

Coming from the not-for-profit sector, I had gotten used to living with what I needed and doing without a lot of what I wanted. I had purchased my own home; my Mother had given me a few pieces of nice jewelry; and I had taken a couple of vacations to the Caribbean. Many of these things I had come by at great sacrifice. As a single professional woman, I've was determined not to wait for man to give me anything and I enjoyed the satisfaction of getting them on my own.

Then in 2005 I started a new job in corporate America, which allowed for some financial freedom. One of the first things I purchased was a diamond ring. I went to the store and picked it out in 10 minutes. It was my greatest investment to date, it was a symbol of my independence from society's rules...not waiting for a man to give me one, alas buying my own diamond ring. It was a 1 carat total weight, comprised of four 1/4 carat stones set in white gold and it was mine. For a modest ring, it had amazing clarity and brilliance.

I wore it with pride everyday and often received complements on it, and I would humbly say thank you. Only my parents and a few friends knew I had purchased the ring. I didn't care if anyone else knew that I bought the ring; however, what the purchase represented was personal, as it was a symbol to me each morning when I put it on my finger. It was small token of what I had accomplished.

In January I spent a few days with my elderly parents and I accidentally left the ring there. I asked my Mom to bring to me the following week (they were coming for dinner). Needless to say, she misplaced it. I was and remain heartbroken by the loss.

I feel as though I have lost a part of myself. There are still times after these many months that I reach for it, then I realize I don’t have it any longer.

I want another ring...I want my freedom.

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