Friday, April 10, 2009

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Why do men insist on lying to me?

1. Do I look fragile?
2. Do I present myself as someone who will fall apart?
3. Do I appear as though I'm incapable of comprehending the truth?
4. Do I come across in any way other than as a mature, thinking and reasonable woman?
The answer is hell-f*cking-NO!!!!

Why the hell can't men just tell me the fucking truth? Give me the information and knowledge necessary to make an informed decision for my damn self, instead of him making it for me.

1. The truth shall set you free.
2. I will find out the truth eventually.
3. I am the only motherf*cker who has the right to make decisions for me.
4. When I inevitably find out, I'll be madder than if you had been straight with me from jump.
Unlike Tom Cruise...I can handle the f*cking truth a$$hole!

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