Friday, June 6, 2008

Life is...(part 1)

Life is comprised of a series of choices and consequences. How we act and react to the decisions we make each & every minute of our lives determines our lives. Even as children, while most decisions are out of our control, the reactions we have to the decisions elders make for us is paramount to who we will be as adults.

I came into the realization of this a few years ago and began making decisions for my life about the kind of life I wanted to live. It is a life filled with love, compassion, service, adventure, fun/laughter and respect for each person's humanity. Once I decided to live that kind of life, living became a bit easier as I began making decisions that will bring those attributes to me or allow me to share those attributes with others. As I have been "searching for authenticity" and preparing for my 2nd 39th birthday (yes, a small bit of denial is implicit in my philosophy), I've acknowledged and faced many of my bad decisions that lead to negative consequences, and I've also acknowledged many of my good decisions and their positive impact.

As I move towards November, I feel as though I've gotten better at making good decisions, my goal is to make better decisions. Good decisions aren't good enough anymore.

I'm on my way, still have a ways to go, gettin' there, one day, one step, one prayer at a time.

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